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Excel Bible

By Gabriel Venturini

This is the result of more than 10 years studying Excel software… The “Excel Bible” is a complete manual for all those who want to learn to use Excel from scratch or improve their current level.

Divided into 15 modules ranging from the fully practical (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) that will teach you to step by step all the methods and techniques you need to know to learn to solve any problem with spreadsheets, learn important formulas, tables/charts, and dynamic charts… To even record macros!

In addition, we will build our spreadsheet from scratch, transforming it into Interactive Dashboards and you will be able to apply your Excel knowledge to any project you want!


Module 00

The Beginning of Your Journey

Class 01: Start Here

Class 02: How will the support work in case of doubts?

Module 01

Mental Alignment and Overview

Class 03: Mental Alignment and Overview

Class 04: Who is the Course Instructor?

Class 05: Microsoft Excel

Module 02

The Beginning

Class 06: Introduction

Class 07: Getting to know the Working Area

Class 08: Formatting cells

Class 09: Cells, Columns and Lines

Class 10: Configuration Font

Class 11: Alignment Setup

Class 12: Equals sign (=)

Class 13: Freezing and Unfreezing Rows and Columns

Class 14: Formatting Brushes

Class 15: Automatic Filling of Cells

Class 16: Cutting

Class 17: Paste

Class 18: Worksheets (Create, Rename and Delete)

Class 19: Creating, Renaming and Deleting Tabs

Class 20: Hiding and showing again tabs, columns and rows

Class 21: Merge and Center Cells

Class 22: Status Bar

Class 23: Changing Row Height and Column Width

Class 24: Creating, Saving, Closing and Opening a File

Class 25: Inserting Images, Layout, Icons and Webdings

Class 26: Automatic Calendar

Class 27: Creating and Designing Tables/Charts

Class 28: Creating an Inventory Control Table/Charts

Class 29: Conclusion

Module 03

Mathematical Formulas

Class 30: Introduction

Class 31: Table/Chart of Basic Formulas

Class 32: Sum

Class 33: Max

Class 34: Min

Class 35: Large

Class 36: Small

Class 37: Product

Class 38: Quotient

Class 39: Power

Class 40: Fact

Class 41: ABS

Class 42: LCM

Class 43: ODD

Class 44: Even

Class 45: SUMIF

Class 46: SUMIFS

Class 47: RandomBetween

Class 48: RandomInter with Dates

Class 49: Database

Class 50: Conclusion

Module 04

Date and Time Formulas

Class 51: Introduction

Class 52: Now

Class 53: Today

Class 54: Date

Class 55: Day

Class 56: Month

Class 57: Year

Class 58: Workday

Class 59: Hour

Class 60: Weekday

Class 61: Minute

Class 62: Second

Class 63: Conclusion

Module 05

Counting Formulas

Class 64: Introduction

Class 65: Count

Class 66: Counta

Class 67: CONT.IF

Class 68: CONT.IFS

Class 69: Countblank

Class 70: Roundup

Class 71: Rounddown

Class 72: Conclusion

Module 06

Condition Formulas

Class 73: Introduction

Class 74: IF

Class 75: AND

Class 76: OR

Class 77: NA

Class 78: IFNA

Class 79: IFERROR

Class 80: & (Commercial)

Class 81: Rept

Class 82: Rept in Graphic

Class 83: Conditional Formatting

Class 84: Conclusion

Module 07

Conversion Formulas

Class 85: Introduction

Class 86: Convert

Class 87: OCT2HEX

Class 88: OCT2DEC

Class 89: OCT2BIN

Class 90: HEX2OCT

Class 91: HEX2DEC

Class 92: HEX2BIN

Class 93: DEC2OCT

Class 94: DEC2HEX

Class 95: DEC2BIN

Class 96: BIN2OCT

Class 97: BIN2HEX

Class 98: Conclusion

Module 08

Statistical Formulas

Class 99: Introduction

Class 100: Median

Class 101: Average

Class 102: Mod

Class 103: AVERAGEIF


Class 105: RANK.EQ

Class 106: SumProduct

Class 107: Subtotal

Class 108: Roman

Class 109: Mode

Class 110: Conclusion

Module 09

Search Formulas

Class 111: Introduction

Class 112: Offset

Class 113: Indirect

Class 114: Transpose

Class 115: VLOOKUP

Class 116: VLOOKUP – Example 02

Class 117: VLOOKUP – Example 03

Class 118: Index + Corresp

Class 119: Index + Corresp – Example 02

Class 120: Index + Corresp – Example 03

Class 121: HLOOKUP

Class 122: HLOOKUP – Example 02

Class 123: HLOOKUP – Example 03

Class 124: Direct Mail

Class 125: Conclusion

Module 10

Text Formulas

Class 126: Introduction

Class 127: Trim

Class 128: Char and Code

Class 129: Concatenate

Class 130: Right

Class 131: Left

Class 132: Isnumber

Class 133: Istext

Class 134: Exact

Class 135: MID

Class 136: Upper

Class 137: Lower

Class 138: Proper

Class 139: Find and Replace

Class 140: Len

Class 141: Text

Class 142: Validation of Data

Class 143: Conclusion

Module 11

Financial Formulas

Class 144: Introduction

Class 145: Financial Functions

Class 146: Net Present Value

Class 147: IRR

Class 148: XNPV

Class 149: XIRR

Class 150: Conclusion

Module 12

Types of Charts

Class 151: Introduction

Class 152: Chart Types

Class 153: Graph Tools

Class 154: Bar Graphs

Class 155: Bubble Chart

Class 156: Area Chart

Class 157: Column Chart

Class 158: Dispersion Chart

Class 159: Stock Chart

Class 160: Line Graphs

Class 161: Pie Chart

Class 162: Radar Chart

Class 163: Thread Chart

Class 164: Surface Chart

Class 165: Dynamic Graphics

Class 166: Combination Charting

Class 167: Gantt Chart

Class 168: Button Chart

Class 169: Chart with Image

Class 170: Graph of Goal x Accomplished

Class 171: Traffic Light Chart

Class 172: Speedometer Chart

Class 173: Dynamic Charts

Class 174: Forms Customization

Class 175: Conclusion

Module 13


Class 176: Introduction

Class 177: Creating a Dashboard

Class 178: Dashboard – Example 02

Class 179: Conclusion

Module 14

Advanced Learning

Class 180: Introduction

Class 181: + Menus in Excel

Class 182: Password Protect your Sheet

Class 183: Quick Tips

Class 184: Saving a PDF File

Class 185: Hyperlink

Class 186: Adding a Macro Button

Class 187: Inserting your ID, Issuance of Individual Taxpayer Registry, and


Class 188: Filtering Parts of a Chart

Class 189: Calculating in Excel without Formulas

Class 190: Autofill with More Options

Class 191: Background in Comments

Class 192: Opening an XML File

Class 193: Conclusion

Take a look at some of the many excel features you will learn.
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Dashboard for Workplace Safety (Managing Accidents with a Workplace Safety Worksheet. This spreadsheet is used to post objective accident data: accident name, age, gender, accident location, the type of accident, and the date and day of the week).

Research and Satisfaction Dashboard (Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a business practice that offers at least two major advantages for companies: they establish a dialogue channel with customers, who start to feel more considered and contemplated; and the company gains more chances to get it right when offering its products and services, meeting the real demands of its customers).

Action Plan System (This spreadsheet is a great tool for monitoring activities, from the simple ones like meeting minutes to the more complex ones like a small project. It is a document used to plan all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result or solve problems).

Spreadsheet for Family Budget Control (A family budget spreadsheet is suitable for those who live with other family members. So it should include all the people who live with you. It is a more complex control than the individual spreadsheet. In theory, it would be like a set of personal expense spreadsheets for each family member).

Spreadsheet of Personal Expenses (This spreadsheet was developed for the control of personal expenses, where it consists in listing the amounts that enter and leave your cash, showing at the end the remaining balance). Made exclusively Easily and Practically for the daily control of expenses.

Resume Control Sheet (List in Excel the companies in which you would like to work. Then, register your resume on the site of the intended company and register in your control table the date you registered your resume).

Sales Spreadsheet (this is a very useful tool for controlling and tracking all company and/or personal sales. Therefore, using a system or spreadsheet to control and follow up on sales and updating it daily is fundamental to having more precise control of goals and results).

Spreadsheet of Courses and Improvements (Assists for the control of Certificates of Courses and Improvements, to be inserted the data and help to control Hours x Course Held).

Worksheet to Calculate Overtime (One of the competencies of the human resources sector is to calculate overtime, that is, the hours worked beyond the hours established in the contract with the employee. There are several ways to control overtime. The spreadsheet was designed to calculate overtime, which can greatly facilitate the closing of the payroll at the end of the month, and also for the employee’s own internal control).


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